Yesterday was an interesting day.  First, we launched our newly redesigned website, complete with social networking “share this” icons, YouTube video, our first blog, and live chat.  We’ve always wanted to share our passion for civil justice in a more engaging way than the traditional “online brochure,” so we were extremely anxious to unveil the site and finally be able to instantly interact with the world outside of our law firm. 

Well it was on that fateful morning yesterday, just hours after we launched the new site, when an issue was brought to our attention regarding the new iPhone 4 that was released last week.  Apparently the new phone has a problem with intermittent connectivity, depending on how the device is held by the user.  As a result, people are upset. 

Now, we presume that the 1.7 million people who purchased the new iPhone are, like us, eager to get their hands on a new technology that would enhance their ability to communicate.  Hmmm… people anxiously awaiting their moment of mobile interactivity with the rest of the world?  We can certainly relate to that!

So we wanted to know more.  We wanted to know about the problem with the phones and how Apple was planning to address it.  What better way than to post an inquiry on our brand new shiny website and engage the world of iPhone users?

Well, today we know two things:  (1) live chat really works and (2) thousands of people are really unhappy with their new iPhones and Apple’s response to the antenna issue.   

Aside from those revelations, we also know what we’ve known since we started this firm:  we are on the side of the consumer.  We are about holding businesses accountable for the products they create and sell to the masses. 

So we told our audience we wanted to hear from them – and boy, did we!  Over 1400 emails in one day – 98% of which overwhelmingly expressed discontent.  But we also heard from people who want to be fair to Apple, and we appreciate their input because we want to be fair to Apple, too.  We love our gadgets just as much as the next person and we’re excited to see the opportunities new technology creates.  We just want to make sure those opportunities are presented to people with integrity.  Technology isn’t cheap, after all, so people want to get what they pay for.   

We are in a new world today.  We can access one another in ways that create a whole host of new issues and conversations about what’s right and what’s wrong.  And we need those conversations to make sure everyone, from manufacturers to businesses to consumers, makes progress together.

However, for the time being, we just need to make sure that if we’re taking part in those conversations on a new iPhone 4, we’re careful about how we hold the phone.